The Main Types of Casino Bonuses

casino bonus   types

Casino bonuses are a staple of the online wagering experience. They also tend to be some of the most highly anticipated perks among clients of online betting websites.

This is due to the fact that they provide players with an excellent opportunity to actually top up the amounts in their wallets and to even try out other games for free as well.

Several virtual wagering establishments offer rewards to their clients on a regular basis and even provide them with the opportunity to win cash prizes.

Types of Casino Bonuses: Welcome Offers

Welcome promotional offers belong to two categories: those which require a deposit and those which do casino/s

  • Deposit welcome offers: In order to be able to take advantage of these kinds of rewards, you will need to pay an amount into your account which must be equal to or above an amount set by the betting website. This amount varies depending on the online wagering establishment you happen to be visiting but is often rather low to enable as many clients as possible to take advantage of it. For example, one website may set this minimum wagering amount at $10, while another will set it at $20. Welcome rewards for new clients quite frequently take the form of match bonuses. For example, a virtual betting establishment may offer you 100% of any amount you deposit up to $200. Hence a deposit of $150 will mean you get paid another $150 making that a total of $300 for you to bet with. Some websites may provide additional free cash for your second deposit (50% for deposits up to $150, for example). Others are also known to offer rewards for as many as four initial deposits, while certain establishments also provide a combination of cash and free spins to first time clients.
  • No deposit welcome offers: Unlike the rewards examined above, those in this category do not require any type of deposits to be made. Certain websites may offer cash. E.g. A gambling establishment may choose to offer $20 to first-time clients. Other websites prefer to provide free spins. For example, an online casino may offer 25 free spins to its newly registered clients.

Types of Casino Bonuses: Monthly and Weekly Offers  online casino/s

As has been noted, the promotions you can benefit from do not come to an end once you have completed the registration process and have been issued with a welcome offer. Most virtual wagering establishments continuously provide offers to their client base on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Reload rewards: One of the most popular of these promos happens to be reload offers which involve the casino issuing you free cash when you pay a deposit to your account. Like welcome offers, reload rewards can also take the form of match bonuses, i.e. the payment of extra cash which is a percentage of the deposit amount made into your account. For example, a website may offer a 60% match bonus of up to $200 for cash payments made on the 16th of each month.
  • Free spins: Free spins are regularly offered as seasonal promotions and provide the opportunity for you to play for free on different slots. For example, an establishment may offer 30 free spins on a particular slot every Tuesday.

Key Information

Although the prospect of receiving free cash and free spins is a rather pleasant one, it is worth noting that these promotional offers come with certain terms and conditions which must be met. As a result, it is essential for you to read them to find out what they are: Key points which are worth paying attention to include:

  • Cash reward type: As attractive as cash offers are, not all of them can be withdrawn with your winnings earned from them. Promotions which you can withdraw are commonly referred to as non-sticky offers while those which you are not permitted to are popularly known as sticky offers.
  • Wagering requirements: Every promo offered by an online casino comes with a wagering or playthrough requirement. This figure is the number of times you will have to play through the bonus you have received. A wagering website may set this figure at x35 for its welcome bonus while another may set it as high as x50.
  • Expiry dates: Each promotion comes with a set expiry date following which you will no longer be able to take advantage of it. Taking note of the validity period of any type of bonus you are interested in is highly recommended as a result.